Gerald is now beginning a church plant in the Bingham and Magdalene community with the hope of seeing a sound, gospel-centered church established.  His church planting efforts are part of the ministry of 20Schemes.

Testimony Of Conversion

I was adopted at the age of four into a Christian home and grew up hearing the gospel daily. I remember seeing my parents reading the Bible and praying, and always having an interest in spiritual things. I attended a Baptist Church growing up. It was at the age of seven that God, by His grace saved me, and I repented of my sin and put my faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. At the age of fifteen, I was baptized, but backslid from the age of sixteen to eighteen. I was living a hypocritical life, going out with friends and indulging in sin, and then on Sunday going to church. At eighteen, the doctrines of grace hit me in the face a fresh through a sermon on sin and God’s grace in Christ. Like Job (in Job 42:5-6), I saw God in all His holiness and mercy. I was immediately humbled and convicted of my rebellion. I repented of my backsliding and worldly living and ran to Christ, entrusting myself to Him, and resolving in my heart to live in light of God’s grace.

In 2010, I was not really interested in going to seminary, but it felt like God was dragging me there. After I was initially rejected twice, I was accepted and decided to do one year (which ended up four years). During that first year, I felt convicted to sell my video games console, give up watching films, and buy Christian books from the Reformers, Puritans, Spurgeon, Whitefield, etc… I gave myself to reading them. As a dyslexic guy, I thought this would be hard, but I devoured them and wanted to read more. The knowledge I was gaining from these works was like honey to my soul (Psalm 119:103). I first felt the call to ministry at the end of 2010 during a sermon on Joshua 1:1-9. I was left with the deep unshakable desire to take up the baton of being a minister of the gospel from those who had faithfully walked before me, and to stand on the truth of God’s Word and declare it before the people. Yet, at the same time I felt like running away from this call because of the great weightiness of it. I prayed for days and sought the counsel of the elders over me to see if they believed I should seek to enter into the ministry. They sought the Lord, examined my life, and ultimately encouraged me start down this path. 

We have seen God’s faithfulness over and over in these past few years as we prepared and moved to Scotland. God has tested our faith, resolve, and endurance as He led us here. Now, our family is in Edinburgh planting a church in the schemes of Bingham and Magdalene. We are excited to see how He will use us in a different context and culture to make His Name great! Please continue to pray for us as we lean upon the Lord in this task. 

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