In 2012, George began to travel weekly from Nairobi to the growing town of Machakos in order to evangelize and minister to the locals there. By God’s grace, the fruit of these efforts has become a small church plant. In 2014, George and his wife Ann, along with their four children (Boaz, Naomi, Abigail, and Meshack), moved to Machakos in order to minister there full-time.

Testimony of Conversion

I am George Wambua, a man saved by grace alone under the merits of Christ on the cross, apart from any of my own righteousness. I came to know about God’s saving love in 1986, and I thank God that he has kept me in His way thus far.

I was born into a large, nominally Christian family. Although my father was not a devoted Christian, he and my mother always made sure that my siblings and I went to Sunday school and to church every week. Being in this environment every Sunday, I grew up thinking that by doing good works I would be able to enter heaven. Since I was so attached to the church, there were many opportunities for me to do good works, such as bringing water to the pastor’s house or even cooking for him. For a long time, I truly believed that by these actions I could buy myself a place in heaven.

One day in 1986, however, I attended a youth event where the word of God was preached from Jonah 2. The preacher showed through the Scriptures that man is totally depraved and that he is under the weight of the wrath of God. Suddenly, I understood that my good works could never save me and that unless I repented of my sins and believed in Jesus Christ there was no hope for my eternity. I realized that salvation is the gift of God alone to sinners like me.

God opened my heart, and He graciously enabled me to see my sin in its fullness. I considered my works useless before God, and I began to trust in the planned and accomplished work of redemption through Christ’s death on the cross. I saw Christ as my Savior, and the light of true Gospel flooded my heart and satisfied my soul! I repented of my sins, and since then I have striven to wholeheartedly submit the entirety of my will to Christ that He might lead me all my life. Since that day, the Lord has been faithful to uphold me and has enabled me to walk with Him until now. I believe that by faith the Lord will continue to enable me to persevere until the end of time.

Many men run from God, but no man can hide from His face while on earth. Praise Him for His salvation!

Call to Ministry

While I was a member of Africa Inland Church, God developed in me new interests in church activities. I became a very active Sunday school teacher, a member of the church choir, and a member of the youth group. I became a friend to many elder men in my church and also in other sister churches.

During this time, many church members began to notice some gifts in me, including prayer and preaching of the Word of God. The church leaders encouraged me to preach the Gospel and gave me opportunities to preach to the youth at prayer meetings.

In 1990, God put in my heart a zeal to reach lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I soon joined a theological college of the African Inland Church and studied there for four years. I graduated with a Diploma in Biblical Theology.

I continued to serve the Lord under the Africa Inland Church until 2000, when I met a brother from Trinity Baptist Church in Nairobi. This brother introduced me to the doctrines of grace, which I had actually been preaching unknowingly. We continued to meet and discuss God’s Word for about one year; but unfortunately, this was met with an uproar from my fellow pastors, who were not of the same mind.

In 2001, I resigned from the Africa Inland Church and joined a college of Trinity Baptist Church. During my training there, God connected me with a brother who had a love for the Scriptures, and together we started a Bible study group in my house.

We continued meeting in my sitting room – with my wife and my two children and his wife and his son – until, after about a year, more believers were added to our number. This small group has providentially grown into a church. As I began to transition to Machakos in order to plant a new church, this man started laboring as a pastor in the church in Nairobi.

In December of 2011, Grace Baptist Church of Kisumu invited me and some other brethren for a family conference. At the conference, the brethren gave a brief history of the Reformation Carried Forward by Kenyans (ReCFoK) and how God had put a burden in their hearts to plant churches in the major towns of our nation – as the Apostle Paul had done in Asia Minor. This moved my heart to start a new work in Machakos, which is one of the fastest-growing towns in our country. When I returned home, the burden was still in my heart, and after some days of prayer and discussion, my wife and I were of one mind. The work in Machakos was launched in March of 2012.