George serves as a missionary in Stoienesti, Olt County where he evangelizes and works with youth. He started the church in Stoienesti in 2007 and has developed other missions in the area. George’s outreach has included developing a social project in Stoienesti for feeding, clothing, and providing medicine for the poor. He and his wife, Dana have two daughters.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is George Serban. I was saved in 1998 when God had mercy on me. I grew up in an evangelical church until I was fifteen years old. Then I had to move away to go to another school. This meant that I found new friends who did not love God, and I began to distance myself from God’s Word. It was then that I tasted the bitterness of this world and its immorality. But then, God showed me His sweetness and beauty. He told me, “I paid a price for you and you are mine. If you continue in this, you will be disciplined.” These words went through my heart and I answered His call.

In 2003, God called me to go to Bible school because I needed to be prepared to serve Him well. I knew He was calling me in the ministry. It was hard, but I had to choose between an easy life following my own interests and a life lived for the highest purpose: serving Him. I chose His will and I have seen His guidance in our ministry of serving Him here in Oltenia. I consider it a privilege to be His worker. In this moment, my ministry is being carried out in Stoenesti. It is my vision is plant a church here and in the neighboring villages. I know we will not be able to do these things through our power, but through the power of the God who sent us.

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