Gaius is married and has two children. He grew up in a Christian family and was converted as a youth while attending a summer camp. He is now working to establish a healthy church.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born into a Christian home. Under the supervision and guidance of my parents, I began participating in church meetings, Sunday School, Bible courses, and spiritual renewal conferences and camps. These various activities all gave me a foundation of biblical knowledge and a pattern of church life. However, I was not yet a Christian. Although I led a religious life, I did not live the life of faith. Although I knew the gospel, I did not have the essence of the faith. I was relying on tradition and church connections instead of the person of Christ.

However, in 1999 at a summer camp, I was born again. At that time, God worked through the mouth of one of His servants to open my spiritual eyes and cause me to understand my sin. The preacher said, “Hurry and repent! Do not think that because you were born into a Christian home, you are saved. Unless you repent of your sins…” I suddenly realized my sins were many and great. Although formerly I had verbally confessed sin before God and repented, my heart had never been moved or changed. This time, however, was different. I felt great grief in my heart. I felt myself to be filthy. I saw my former sins before me—for example, when I destroyed some neighbors’ farm crops with other young boys, when I stole a neighbor’s mandarin oranges, and more. I knelt before God and prayed that He would pardon and have mercy, and I asked Him to be gracious and to pity me.

From that time on, I have been truly changed. During Sunday School, I was no longer naughty or unkind to others, but I desired His Word and diligently listened to the teaching of His truth. In school, I no longer associated with evil classmates, but I conscientiously studied. At home, I learned to obey my parents. My life began to show changes as I slowly learned to pursue holiness and growth. I began to draw near to God and study His Word, and I started to live it out in my life. My heart’s desire to study theology also was established at that time.

Call to Ministry

While in high school, I developed a desire in my heart to be a preacher, so I began pressing to grow in this direction. However, it was not until I was in a college campus ministry that I clearly understood God’s call upon my life.

In college, I participated in a student fellowship and was involved in ministry. I served in the role of preaching and teaching there. During this time, God caused my gifts to be exercised in some measure and slowly to be revealed. My desire was also strengthened. Just before graduation, a leader of our church suddenly asked me if I was willing to serve in the ministry after graduation. At that time, I was very calm and very willing. But I still waited for a while, first praying and asking some older brethren in the church. Their counsel was consistent: all encouraged me to move forward with it.

At this time, I was very assured that God had through His servants called me to minister. After passing the church’s approval, I launched into this path and had continued in it up until today. There have been times of weakness and setbacks, but the grace of God has continually compelled me to persevere.