I was born into a Christian home and am a fourth generation Christian. My parents are godly Christians. When I was young, they continually aspired to preach the Christian faith to me. Therefore, from the time I understood things, I knew I was a sinner and needed Jesus’ redemption. Thus, my experience of receiving grace unto salvation is similar to Timothy’s. From an early age, I confessed myself a sinner, knew God is righteous and holy, that He will judge sinners, and I willingly received Christ as my personal Savior. As I grew, I sought to live my life according to the teachings of my parents.

When in college, my faith experienced a significant impact, that is, I came in contact with Reformed theology, which gave me a deep, systematic understanding of my faith, and further strengthened my faith in God and commitment to Jesus, as well as clarified what is my role as a sister in both family and the church. Therefore, I am very thankful to God that He caused me to be born into a godly Christian home, to receive the Reformed faith, and to have a firmer foundation in my Christian life.

Note: For security reasons, a pen name is used for this missionary.