Shortly after his conversion Eduardo became burdened for the further development and preparation of men serving in the ministry in Peru. After working full-time with the Centros Teológicos Bautistas de Perú (Baptist Theological Centers of Peru) headed by David Barnes, he is now planting a church in San Martin de Porres, Lima.

Testimony of Conversion

I came to know the Lord in 2005. Before that, I was a supporter of the communist groups in Peru. For many years I denied our Lord Jesus Christ and was a blasphemer, living as wickedly as possible. However, after a particular period of sin in my life, there came to my heart such an affliction that it couldn’t be expressed with words. It was an affliction that prevented me from having any peace, and I even came to the point of wanting to do harm to my body.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I see that it was the Lord beginning to deal with me in His mercy. Unsuccessfully, I made every attempt to figure out why it was that I felt the way I did, to find out where this affliction was coming from. Eventually, having no other alternative, I remembered an invitation that a co-worker extended to me three months earlier to attend a church service. It was amazing that she even had the courage to invite me because I had previously mocked her for her faith. It had been several months since I was asked to go, but now I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

So, I eventually decided to go to the church one Sunday in September of 2005. As I heard the Word of God preached, I was inexplicably and miraculously relieved of all my affliction. I could not explain what was happening to me, but I did know that simply hearing the Word of God brought peace to my heart. I began to go to church every Sunday because I longed to hear the Bible taught again. For three months I continued going to the church. I didn’t understand much of what I heard; I only knew that I felt peace, and so I went. That lasted until one Sunday in December during a simple sermon when I heard the preacher speak of the condemnation of sinners. His words had such an impact on me that I kept thinking about it all week.

At some point during that week, the veil was removed from my eyes, and I saw the reality of my sin. I began to weep and ask for forgiveness before the Lord for all the sins that I had committed in my life. I saw that the only solution for my sin was Christ. That same day I went to look for the pastor to tell him that I was now trusting in Christ.

Call to Ministry

Throughout the years since my conversion, the Lord has led me through difficult paths, but each of them has been for my edification. From the very beginning, the Lord put a desire in my heart to share and teach the Word of God. I saw so much false teaching all around me, and I wanted to understand and teach the biblical doctrine of salvation in Christ. There was still so much about the Christian life that I did not understand, but a few months after my conversion I began to ask the pastor some of these questions. He told me that my questions made him uncomfortable, and as a result he kindly asked me to leave the church. It was a very difficult blow for me as a new Christian.

From that moment on, the Lord has placed in my heart the desire to teach pastors, like the one who had just asked me to leave his church. The Lord gave me a desire to learn in order to be able to help those pastors that could not attend seminary. I wanted to see them further develop in the ministry that the Lord had given them. So, from that moment on the Lord has led me and He has given me the opportunity to further prepare myself for ministry. I have been able to serve in several churches and have also taught in the theological seminary in Lima (CTB). The Lord has now given me the opportunity to pastor the church in San Martin de Porres, and I pray that He might be glorified through my efforts.