Due was raised by Christian parents in a challenging political and economic situation. After many years of struggling with no good church in his area, he decided to start a church of his own in 2005.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born into a family in which my father and my mother were Christian. My Uncle Ua was a very faithful believer who offered his life for God’s ministry. I was taken to church when I was very young (about 5 or 6 years old) by my parents. My father was a soldier of the Republic of Vietnam’s Army (South Vietnam). After the1975 incident, my family had to return my father’s home village – Bình Định, where there were few Christians. However, because of the persecution of people from Communism my father gave up being a Christian. We had a miserable life, struggling to live because of political discrimination.

It was not until 1986 when we could not put up with that life anymore that my family decided to immigrate to the new economic zones. We left our home village, Dateh, Lâm Đồng Province, to make a new life. Knowing that my uncle tried to visit our family and encourage my parents. He also introduced us to a local church of an ethnic minority family. Unfortunately, a year later that family left Dateh to move to another place. Living under severe persecution and the lack of opportunities to learn the Bible, my faith could not mature. I lived a life like every other young person in this world.

In 1994, the brother in that ethnic minority family returned and visited the place I was living and encouraged me. Even today I still remember what he said to me: “Hiếu, let’s return to God. Only God can save your soul.” I started to find God’s Words and visited a church in the local area and was baptized in this church. I began to ask God to change my life, but because of my poor living condition and because I was very far from that church (about 60km), my faith was challenged. Until the last year, I had been serving God in a tough condition. However I’m thankful to God that he makes me feel satisfied with everything I have, and He never lets it become too severe for me to live for Him.

My family had been living in a very old and dilapidated house, but God always makes us a happy family. I also have a wife who still loves and supports my work for God. I’m thankful to God that through many difficulties and challenges, I have never thought of giving up being a Christian. I believe that God will still make way for me, for my family, my church, and my country. I can see a new light from my children and the present generation, which they will keep up our work and bring the Gospel to our people and light this country and this world. I keep praying and doing whatever God wants demands. I never stop because He said our labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Call to Ministry

After I was baptized, I began to worship with the local Christianity in a CMA church and lived as a nominal Christian. Gradually, I became more eager to take on the ministry that God had given me. However, I felt uncomfortable with the leadership style from the CMA church. Therefore, I decided to start the ministry by holding a new church with other three Christian families gathered together in my house. I also tried to visit and have fellowship with other churches near my place.

In 2005, I made up my mind to hold my present church – the Dateh Baptist Christ Church. The church had only three families at the beginning, but within 2-3 years many people had come to us. Sometimes, our modest room even could not be enough for everyone and we had to borrow more chairs from a neighbor. Almost all of our church’s furniture and books were from Christian donator’s, as we could not afford to buy them. Our church met in a horrible and old house (it was also my house then). That place was falling apart and was very damp. Frequently our books, bookshelves, table, and pulpit became musty. My only wish many years ago was to build a new place for better worship condition. Thanks to God and many Christians, we eventually built a better place to worship God.

It’s unfortunate to admit that many came to us for some kinds of financial benefits, and then they left after knowing we are just not rich enough to give things they desire. Even so, this proves that the remaining people are the truly faithful in God. Although our church is not nearly as crowded, I thank God for those wonderful Christians. These people give me a lot of courage to keep up my work. At this time I know I have to do something different to develop this church. I’ve begun to make a plan to promote preaching the Gospel more effectively. I feel the need to spread the Gospel further than the four walls of the church building, and It’s time for my church to be more faithful.

Today, when looking back on my ministry for God, I feel so thankful to God that He had chosen me. I’m grateful to God for giving me a wonderful wife, who always approves and supports me to make the best of my work for Him. Even now the church is still facing numerous difficulties; I believe that God will never leave us or make us walk alone. I pray for my soul, my family, and my church every day to God that He will pour special care and blessings on us who are struggling to follow Him. I desire that God will save many in our nation and make this country a nation for Him. 

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