David labors in Eastern Europe at “Holy Trinity Church” in Fundeni Frunzănești. He succeeded his father, Marian Vale, in the ministry after his father’s death. Read the full report of his testimony of conversion and God’s faithfulness below:

My name is Vale David, I am 22 years old. I was born on the 4th of July, 1998, in the community of Pantelimon, county Ilfov. I was born into a family of believers who loved God. As a child, I went to church. My father planted a Baptist Church in Fundeni Frunzănești community in 2000, and in 2004 we had to move to Frunzănești community as a missionary family. In 2005-2008 we went to Primary school, 2009-2013 we went to the gymnasium school in the community where we moved. After I finished 8th grade, I wanted to continue my high school studies at the Baptist Theological High School “Logos” in Bucharest. At the age of 15, when I was in the ninth grade of high school, I went to church one Wednesday night. As a child, I went to church and I can say that I was familiar with prayer and listening to sermons.

Testimony of Conversion

But that autumn evening in 2013 was special and different. I had heard sermons before, but my father’s sermon was quite significant in my life. The sermon was centered on what Jesus did on the cross, reminding us of what the gospel means. Towards the end of the sermon, I remember how the next question resounded and pierced my person. The question was, “Why do you stumble when you know that the Lord Jesus Christ has suffered so much for you?” I confess that at the hearing of this question my whole being trembled. I had heard sermons and attended church since I was a child, but that evening that question shook my being. I felt very sinful, even though I grew up in a family of believers. I felt a lot of guilt in my conscience. That night I was born again. That evening I truly met the Lord Jesus Christ. That evening I reconciled with the Lord God and made the decision to be baptized. After three months, on December 8, 2013, I was baptized in the “Holy Trinity” Baptist Church in Frunzănești by the pastor’s brother Sorin Prodan. From that moment on, God began to work even harder in my life.

During my four years of high school, I studied God’s Word even more. From the 9th grade to the 12th grade, I went to the National Religion Olympics every year. In 10th grade, I noticed my inclination and desire to share the gospel with people. When I went to high school, I traveled by train to Bucharest, and the journey took about 30 minutes. When I was on the train and I was sitting in the chair, I was watching the people next to me and I was telling them the Gospel, I prayed with a lot of people. Since then the Lord has shown me that he is calling me to ministry.

Call to Ministry

More than that initial “pull” of a call, the desire to evangelize people has become even greater. Logos High School was very close to another high school where young non-Christians studied. Next to Logos High School and the other high school was a subway station. Many students came to both high schools by subway. Wanting to preach the gospel, every morning when I left home by my backpack, I took another bag full of New Testaments. I arrived in front of the subway station where the students had to pass, and not only, but also people from Bucharest, and I preached the gospel and offered new testaments.

In the 12th grade, I was interested in the Lord showing me what my calling is, and the Lord confirmed to me that He is calling me to serve Him and enter into His work. I took many days of fasting and prayer, at the end of which the Lord spoke clearly to me that he was calling me. Thus, after finishing high school, I entered the Baptist Theological Institute in Bucharest where I trained and continue to prepare. When I was in the 2nd year at the Institute, in March 2019, the Lord called my father home to heaven. My father, Văle Marian, died, and I had to be fully involved in the service of the two churches, the “Holy Trinity” in Frunzănești, and the mission point in Pantelimon. I could see how the Lord prepared me in my youth and brought me to work so that when my father left for the Lord I could serve. The Lord has confirmed my calling and plan with me.

Now I serve in the “Holy Trinity” Church in Fundeni Frunzănești and in the mission point in Pantelimon. Both churches are predominantly Roma. In Fundeni Frunzănești Commune, there are two gangs, Roma clans that have been fighting for decades. Now they don’t have conflicts so often, but you can feel the hatred they have for each other. The “Holy Trinity” Church is located in the middle of the two bands. The Lord works among them and some of them come to church.

In both Churches, I preach, shepherd, and evangelize for the glory of God. The desire of our Church is to be a community of believers who live the gospel and more and more people come to the Lord.

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