Dave and his wife live in Doaktown, Newbrunswick, Canada. He has been involved with church planting in Canada since 2000. In addition to pastoring his own church, he also spends much of his time training young men for the ministry and traveling to mentor younger pastors. 

Testimony of Conversion

I grew up going to church and Sunday school, hearing about Jesus and the Gospel. I knew that I needed to be saved but was not willing to surrender my life. My heart grew harder and I started living for the pleasures of the world, but never had peace and knew that I was lost.

I heard a message in 1989 and was convicted of my sin. I made a profession of faith but there was no lasting change. In 1991, I sat under strong teaching and started to be convicted and was converted. This is when my life changed. I started loving the things of God and hating my old life.

I began to read the Word daily and pray and being drawn to God and His Word. I then had a desire to tell others about my conversion and how they can be saved.

Call to Ministry

In 1995 I began doing home Bible studies for my guitar students. During the fall of 1997 as I was reading, the Lord began burdening my heart more and more for the lost. One night during this time, I was watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV and the Lord broke me about the lost-ness and called me to ministry at this point. At this time, I kept doing Bible studies. Then in 2000 I moved to a new city to partner with my brother and do a church plant. Since that time until now I have planted 4 more churches and have been training up new men to take on pastoral leadership for those churches. By the grace of God many have been saved.

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