David is planting a church in the town of Kericho, in the beautiful tea plantation region of central Kenya. He was initially sent out by Trinity Baptist Church in Nairobi and established Glory Baptist Church in a rural area. David is leaving the church in the care of his co-elder to plant another church in the main town, Kericho. He has a long-standing relationship with Pastor Naphtally Ogallo, and Naphtally’s church is partnering with Glory Baptist to oversee the new church plant.

Testimony of Salvation

I was brought up under the Roman Catholic teachings and beliefs up to age 13. Both my parents were Roman Catholic. They have 11 children, all still alive, but not saved, and I am the fifth child. At age 14, our uncle left the Roman Catholics earlier than my parents and joined an evangelical church.  He kept coming to our home to help my parents understand the Bible’s teaching about faith in Christ. This took some months for my father to believe and accept the Bible truth about salvation, and shortly after, he was followed by my mother. 

My parents were given the “Black book” (the Bible) to read daily. To me, reading daily the “Black book” (Bible) was senseless, and I thought this would not change my father’s behavior or make him to leave the Catholics. I doubted and mocked the Book so much, more than any of my siblings. The Bible was a strange book in our family, brought by our uncle. But my father kept reading and reading, day by day, and kept trying to introduce it to us every evening after meals. I kept thinking about this, always watching my father reading. 

One day he was reading the Bible and I waited for him to leave the room so that I can read it for myself.  I looked where he was reading, to see what was so interesting in this book of my uncle. I read the page he was reading with fear, wondering if anything good was there. It was the third chapter of the Gospel of John. My eyes stared at verses 14-19 but I was not understanding. My father came in and found me reading with my finger pointing at every word in those verses. I felt sad and asked my father to explain more clearly to me. 

He humbled himself and shared with me what the Lord had done in his heart every day by reading and understanding how Jesus Christ saves people. With his little understanding of these verses, he showed me the great love of God in saving sinners who believe through Jesus, and the great coming punishment for sinners who do not believe or repent. I felt sadder and very uncomfortable about my sins and life, and this troubled me for three days, for I knew I was a sinner. I was disobedient to my parents and always fighting my brothers and sisters without mercy.  

David’s wife Caroline

The following two Sundays, I led my parents and some other family members to a church near our home. On the first Sunday, the pastor of that church was preaching about how sin leads us to God’s punishment and showed how one can escape it through the death of Jesus. Although he used the ‘altar call’ method, my spirit was broken and needed Jesus to save me out of my sins. That was in December 1985, and I was immersed in water baptism, both me and my parents.

I really always praise God for His great love and salvation through faith alone in Christ Jesus.  This has been my passion to bring others to Christ. In 1994, I joined a Reformed theological college for four years, and after a few years I later established the Glory Baptist Church where I have been a pastor for over 16 years. My father Joseph is one of the deacons, and I am wishing to see him serve God faithfully and bring others to Christ.

Call to Ministry

As I kept attending and listening to many teachers and preachers in my first new church, I often felt unhappy when I saw how they were handling the Word of God. As I grew up in the faith, reading my Bible daily, I felt I should share the truth with others too. I started teaching Sunday-school classes in the church and later led youth meetings. Sometimes I was called to preach during a public service, and most of the time people came afterward to encourage me to preach more, and sometimes they called me to their homes for Bible studies. I did this while I was in high school and while in Electrical College for one year. But the more I preached in the villages, the more I felt that God was calling me to preach the Gospel and help other people come to Christ. 

In 1994, a friend of mine encouraged me to join a Reformed theological training in Nairobi. I joined that same year and studied for 4 years. After the college, I joined Trinity Baptist Church in Nairobi, where Pastor Naphtally Ogallo was one of the pastors. After becoming a member, I wedded my wife Caroline, and the church sent us to assist a pastor in church-planting work in the Meru region. I helped the church for a period of two years, and the church grew well, until I felt I should plant a Reformed church among my own people back in Kericho. In 2001, Trinity Baptist of Nairobi accepted my request to move to Kericho with my wife and our firstborn daughter. 

David Glory Baptist
David with co-elder and deacon of Glory Baptist Church

In the rural part of Kericho, from 2002 to 2006, we hosted a Bible study in our house until Pastor Naphtally Ogallo came to constitute the meeting to function fully as a church in 2006 and baptize some members. Up to this date the church is growing. We have two elders and two deacons. 

In 2004, I introduced 4 Bible studies in the tea plantations near our home area and reached many workers within the plantations and met people from many parts of Kenya. Having Bible studies with them for two years, a group of workers from Turkana in Kenya came to faith in Christ.  They requested my assistance to their own people in Turkana to establish a Reformed Baptist Church. Three of them resigned from their jobs and went to their people to preach the truth. I visited them twice a year due to financial and distance challenges.  After many visits, a church was planted and constituted, and up to date the church is there by God’s grace. 

These two churches, Glory Baptist Church in Chebang’ang, a rural area, and in the remote region of Turkana are like sisters growing together as I have been an overseer for over 17 years. Now the great need is in Kericho town to establish a biblical church. We in Glory Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church Eldoret, under the leadership of Pastor Naphtally Ogallo, have agreed together for Eldoret to oversee the work of planting a church in Kericho. 

This is how the Lord has called me and used me for His own glory.