Davamoe was saved at ten years old through the ministry of a traveling evangelist. In Bible College, he developed a deep burden for sharing the gospel and reaching the lost. After earning his degree, he moved back home to become a pastor at his mother’s church.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Davamoe Lyan. I was born and brought up in a nominally Christian family, but I didn’t know about Jesus Christ and his Salvation. I lived with worldly people who were my friends. My parents did not tell me about Jesus Christ. When I was ten years old, I met a missionary. He came to my town to share the Gospel. He called many children to his house and told about the creation of God and the salvation of Christ. I also went to his house and heard about Jesus Christ who is my Savior. He told me about Jesus who died for my sins. And I was saved by Grace through faith after hearing about Jesus Christ and His salvation! I was baptized in December 2007.

I wanted to tell others who were not saved about Jesus Christ. But I was not able to say to others about Jesus Christ and salvation clearly. And so my pastor encouraged me to go to Bible College to learn the word of God. My pastor and I prayed to the Lord that he would enable me to attend Bible College. God answered our prayer, and I went to Bible College to learn the word of God when I was seventeen years old. And the more I began to realize God’s love and plan for people to be saved, the more I realized my duty to share the Gospel. Therefore, I wanted to get involved in the ministry of God more and more. Soon after I finished my Bachelor of Theology course in March 2014, I joined in the ministry of God. I am now serving in the ministry of God as a pastor in my mother’s church.

Note: For security reasons, a pen name is used for this missionary.

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