Danny P. was converted through the witness of a coworker when he was working for Sony in Punjab, India. He returned to Nepal in 2003 and has been working in the ministry since. God has sustained him through much opposition to the Gospel as he proclaims Christ and shepherds his flock.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Danny P., and I live in southwestern Nepal. I was bron in 1970, and I have two sons and one daughter. I lost my first wife to cancer because of cancer and am married again. 

I came from an orthodox Hindu family. I was an idol worshiper and was living a worldly life. As the time passed, I struggled financially and went to Punjab, India, to earn money. In Punjab, I started working for the company Sony. Later on, a company manager made me a leader of the team. In my team there was a man named Rodney P., and he was a Christian. That man shared with me about the Lord Jesus Christ. This happened in the year 1995. Through his witness, I accepted the Lord as my Savior and was baptized in 1996.

Later, I started working in the church along with my part-time job. I spent many years in India and returned back to Nepal in 2003. In my local place I started sharing the Gospel, and slowly God added people and established a church in my village. In 2005, I had an opportunity to go for Bible training for one year. I went to Kathmandu for the training. At the time of training, I faced lots of challenges in my life. I lost my father while I was doing my Bible training. My brothers divided and worked separately. But I finished my study in 2006, and I came back to my home and began working in the ministry. There were a lot of family problems and persecution from society, but I trusted God and didn’t give up. God gave me His grace and boldness to trust and follow Him.

Now I am working in a church in as an elder along with my family. I am thankful to the HeartCry family for their prayers and support. Please pray for me, my wife, my children, and my ministry where I am serving.

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