Testimony of Conversion

Before I believed in Christ, my life was filled with the fear of the unknown. I also lacked joy and peace, which was a result of my fear and emptiness. I felt I needed something, but I could not explain what it was.

I got saved in 2013 when I heard the Gospel from a pastor who led a church in Kaunda Square. During his preaching, he spoke on two different scriptures (Romans 6:23 and John 3:16.) He then spoke of the Gospel of salvation and asked those listening to receive Jesus. Hearing him say this, I confessed Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior.

Now that I was saved, I felt a sense of peace, love and joy. I also felt satisfied, knowing that I found was I was missing in my life: the love and lordship of Jesus Christ.

Since then, a desire has grown in me to sharing peace with others through the Gospel.

Call to Ministry

Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than serving in the church. I only find true peace when I am preaching or sharing the Gospel. One day my pastor called me and asked me to begin leading cell groups so I could continue preaching the Gospel. After my pastor discerned by gifting, he allowed me to be an interpreter for him at church.