Testimony of Conversion

I grew up in the Northmead Reformed Church of Zambia as a person convinced that the acceptable way of life in the sight of God was as a religious person. I was committed to church programs, activites, and anything else the church put on that I could participate in. I was actually the leader in my Scripture Union youth group during my middle and secondary school years!

On June 7th, 1997, I attended an overnight prayer meeting put on by the late Rev. Abel Siwamezi, my pastor. He preached on the theme of having a personal testimony, and it was at that moment I realized that I had no personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I was confronted in my heart, and saw how thoroughly lost and in need of a Savior I was. 

I cried out to the Lord: repenting of my sins and ultimately surrendering my life to Christ. From this prayer meeting, I encountered the personality of God in a way I could never explain from a mortal point of view. Now I am convinced that Jesus saved me and gave me eternal life. He is living inside of me, and I now live for Christ.

Call to Ministry

As I grew as a Christian, it became an inevitability that I would commit my life to serving the Lord.

In the past years since giving my life to Christ, I have been serving the Lord in various church programs and ministries that include evangelism, missionary work, counseling, and both youth and children’s ministry. 

It wouldn’t be until 1999 that I started sensing the overpowering call of God on my heart to serve in a pastoral capacity. As I continued to serve the Lord in various positions, this call became all the more clear to me. In December of 2002, I answered the call of God. Confirmed by both elders and members, I was ordained to the ministry as a pastor by the first church I had ever served in my previous years. 

Through all of this, I have maintained a posture of learning, and have continued to be trained. I recently finished being an intern at Kabwata Baptist Church, and was a student at Lusaka Ministerial College.

To bring things up to date, I was ordained for work in Nyimba on January 2, 2022!