Chi was saved from a background in Catholicism when he was 23. Seven years later he began to serve as a missionary, and now he is pastoring the church that was formed through his labors in the Go Vap District. 

Testimony of Conversion

I was born in 1967. Before being a Christian, I belonged to Roman Catholicism. I was not aware of the teaching salvation. I believed in God through a friend who was Christian at the Baptist Church in 1990. Now I am aware of salvation, not because of works but because of His sacrifice on the cross and by His grace I have been saved through faith. Nowadays, I still worship God faithfully, study the Bible, pray, and spread the gospel for people who have not believed in God in the area I am living in. I am in full-time Christian missionary. Please pray for me to complete the responsibility well that God entrusts me to follow His will.

Call to Ministry

In 1997, I took part in missionary work through the film of Jesus’ life in provinces and cities (show a film for families, communities). A church was founded in Go Vap District in 2015, and I have held office as the pastor from 2010 till present. The church stands firm faithfully to worship the Lord, follow God’s word, perform good works and witness about God through the “Narrow Way” book. I pray that God will strengthen me, give me understanding, guard my heart and my mind so I can walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which I have been called.

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