Bunrod was saved after a pastor witnessed to him while he lived in a refugee camp on the Cambodia/Thailand in 1990. Fourteen years after his conversion Bunrod planted a church in the village where he lived and has faithfully served as the pastor since the church was constituted. 

Testimony of Conversion

Before I believed in God, I was a soldier. I had been ordered by the government to participate in the civil war. I lived in the time of conflict between the Khmer people. I married Sophy Ou, and God has given us five children.

In 1990,  I lived in a refugee camp at Khmer Thailand border, and there was a pastor who preached the gospel of God to me. After I had heard the gospel and believed in Jesus, I was a Christian. I was baptized two years later in 1992.

After I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior my life was free from sin, and I became happy, and I live as a believer. Our family was living in a very hard time, and I always have workload to care for my family as a farmer. I remember in 2001 I had no work and it was a very hard time for us, and one day a pastor came to visit my home. He asked if I wanted to serve God. I said yes. In the next six months I have joined and study at a Bible school. In 2004 I planted a church in the village where I live. This is where we have worship until today. Sometimes it is very difficult preaching to unbelievers in the village. They reject the gospel and try to persecute us, but God gives us strength and courage.

Through personal study and recent Bible conferences, I have grown in my understanding. I pray God will give my grace to lead and teach the Bible to the Lord’s Church. My family and I have an intense joy in the Lord and we trusted in Him all the time.