Blessings is a 2014 graduate of Kabwata Baptist Church’s pastoral internship program, and has a Bible degree from Central Africa Baptist College. Faith Baptist Church in Garneton (a suburb of Kitwe in the Copperbelt) has sent him to plant a church in Twatasha Township, a poorer section of Kitwe. The church will be Bemba-speaking, the native language of that region.

Testimony of Conversion

I was converted to Christ in December 2001. I was so convicted about my sin that I could not leave the church premises until I gave my life to Jesus Christ. The sermon was about going to Hell or Heaven, and was preached by Pastor Washer at Faith Baptist Church of Garneton. After preaching, he gave an illustration of how Jesus came to give his life, like the hen that went into the field with its chicks. The sad story was told of how the farmer wanted to clear the land by burning his field. The hen saw the fire and called out its chicks. Most of them came back to the mother but there was one that did not believe her. When the fire came, the mother hen died and the chick that ignored her died too. As the farmer was going through the field to see how far the fire had gone he found the hen dead. Lifting up the hen, he found the chicks under her alive. Protected by the mother’s wings, she gave her life for her chicks. Like Jesus Christ, who left heaven and gave His life for our sins, that whoever believes will be saved.

That really got my heart. Then pastor paused with a question:

‘Are you in the wings of Jesus Christ, protected from the fire that is coming?’

From that moment I knew I needed to give my life to Jesus Christ. I asked one leader to show me how to receive Jesus Christ in my life. He showed me verses from the Bible and I prayed after he explained everything to me, and he also prayed for me.

Call to Ministry

After being born again, I started working for God and I loved to preach. Though I felt a great desire to serve in ministry, I first wanted to pursue a career in nursing medicine since it pays well. I thought I could be a nurse and still help the main pastor and also be teaching children. I continued working for the Lord until I started doing nursing. I then stopped everything; it was like I was running away from God. My life could be likened to that of Moses, and it reached a point where it seemed God took everything away from me. At that time I gave up on God. But now I hold on to Christ and Him crucified. I desire to preach Him alone.

The goal of my medical career was to upgrade from nursing to being a doctor. In July 2008, I started doing nursing at Ndola General Hospital. I was convinced that it would be easy to do nursing, but this door closed in 2009 as it was not God’s will. A month later, God opened the door for me to study theology at Central Africa Baptist College. This was when I became convinced that God wanted me in full time ministry. From that time on I surrendered all to Jesus so that He could use me in any way that He pleased. All glory to Him alone.