Binh grew up in a Buddhist home, hating and opposing the Christian gospel. Finally, God broke through in 1995, and after finishing Bible school in 2000, Binh began to pastor a church in Vietnam.

Testimony of Conversion

In 1990, when I was young, I grew up in a family that put our faith in Buddhism and ancestor worship. When I heard about the gospel from a missionary for the first time, I opposed the gospel fiercely; I defamed God.

Until 1995, I earned money to play the whore and gambled. But there was another Christian who came to me and talked about the love of God and forgiveness by Jesus’ blood. But my reaction was not like my previous responses. I listened humbly to the gospel and decided to believe in God for salvation in my life. I realized that I was a sinner and God is a righteous judge. I accepted God, and I went to my church and studied the Bible faithfully.

From 1998-2000, I participated in Bible classes for ministry and training missionaries. Little by little, I grew to honor God and love Him. In 2004, I moved to Ho Chi Minh City. I was glad of my salvation, and I worked diligently performing whatever the church asked, and I became an official missionary. Now, I detest sin and love the holiness that the Lord gives in my heart. I thank God for this miracle. He has changed my life.

Call to the Ministry

From 2004-2007, God taught me that Jesus is the only way to enter real life. According to the great command, which was led by the Holy Spirit (Roman 10; Matthew 28:18-20), I am fond of witnessing and carrying on missionary work. As a result, many people believe in God, but others decline to hear and slander God. But I do not lose heart because I did the same thing before with servants of God before I was saved. I know that this is the call for me to join in small mission for the gospel.

In April of 2007, God took me and called me to be a missionary. I met faithful servants whom He prepared for me. I was trained and equipped carefully about the Bible teaching, and my life belongs to the Spirit of God. May God give me more ability and ask the Holy Trinity to cover His grace upon His servants.

I pray that He will strengthen me so I can walk before Him to please Him in all things.

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