Testimony of Conversion

Before I got converted, my life was in a broken state due to all the kinds of evil I engaged in. My behavior started deteriorating after the death of my mother in 1988, and so, with no one to take care of my younger brother, I dropped out of school at age nine in 1989. I found a job as a trucking lorry boy, and at this early stage my life began to worsen. 

In 2001 I married my wife, Margaret Mbewe (a Roman-Catholic), and we joined the RCZ: otherwise known as the Reformed Church in Zambia. Much later in 2010, we were living in Katete when reformed baptist theology was introduced to us. Pastor Gershom Nyirongo reached me with the gospel and would go on to lead me to their Lord in our conversations. There followed a period of discipling where he would come to my home, or would invite my wife and I to his, and he would share the Word of God: never-ceasing as he emphasized the importance of living a Godly life.

A bit later in my life, Pastor Nyirongo employed me as a church caretaker: and so whenever there was any sort of evangelistic program or prayer meeting, I would get involved. It is in these ways that I have matured in Christ, my God.

Call to Ministry

I owe my ministerial development to the untiring discipleship efforts, care, and love of my former pastor, Gershom Nyirongo. It was through him that my fellow church members saw my commitment.

God revealed the possibility of going to Covenant College so that I could study theology, and so I went. From 2014 to 2015 I attended this school in Petauke, and then was granted the opportunity to work on a full time basis. From 2016 to 2019, while our pastor was away, I was left to care for the church until he was restored to us in that final year. It was at the end of this stretch of time that the burden to dedicate myself to serving full time grew in my heart. In April of 2019, I was ordained as an elder and the church sent me to Chitawe where I was set apart for His work on January 2, 2022.