Andrea Artioli serves as a church planter in Mantova, Italy. Along with his pastoral labors in the local church, he is also the leader of Coram Deo (Latin: “in the presence of God”). The vision of Coram Deo is to educate pastors and laypeople through the distribution of biblical literature and the sponsoring of Bible conferences throughout Italy.

Testimony of Conversion and Call to Ministry

“I was not raised in a Christian family. My parents were divorced when I was eight years old. A few years later, my mother met an evangelical Christian, and they began to study the Bible together. Soon afterward, she became a Christian and began to attend (with me) the only evangelical church in our town.

I was eleven years old and attending a youth camp when the Lord opened my eyes. The gospel message was very simple, but I really felt a deep sense of my sin and the need for forgiveness in my life. Since that time, I have tried to follow Christ fully. Since my family was separated by divorce, I found a family in the church.

During my teenage years, the Lord used Operation Mobilization’s summer campaigns in Italy to help me grow in Christ and cultivate a passion for the lost and the Great Commission. For five years, I was deeply involved in many evangelistic campaigns throughout Italy. When I was seventeen years old, it was already clear for me that the Lord was calling me to serve Him in the ministry. Although I did not know how or where I would minister, I knew that I had to be prepared. After much prayer and deliberation, I applied to the London Theological Seminary and attended from 1990 to 1992.

In 1993, I was married to my wife, Emanuela. Immediately after our honeymoon, we entered into the ministry by faith. We did not know how we would support ourselves or how we would obtain the funds to translate and publish solid Christian literature for the Italian church. However, the Lord was faithful, and we were able to create the Passaggio Publishing House. It was the first ministry in Italy to publish classic Reformed Christian literature. Over a period of fifteen years, we published fifty new titles in Italian.

In 2007, in association with churches and pastors from the United States and the United Kingdom, we began the Coram Deo ministry. Our primary purpose is to plant churches in Italy and publish sound Christian literature. In September of the same year, we also founded Sola Grazia Church (Grace Alone). I am currently pastoring this new church plant and am chairman of Coram Deo.”

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Andrea Artioli and Family
The Artioli Children
Believers associated with Coram Deo
First Coram Deo/HeartCry conference in the Santa Croce monastery in La Spezia, Italy
View from the monastery

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