Anatol is the HeartCry national director for Moldova. He pastors Immanuel Baptist Church in Cahul and oversees teams in Anenii Noi and Cahul. Anatol has also planted four other churches in the area. He and his wife Nadia have three children: David, Paul, and Florin.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born into a family of Evangelical believers. My father would tell us a lot about the Bible, and I knew that I needed to be different. However, even though I was different from my friends, I did not have inner peace. I was scared by the thought of judgment and hell. This fear came because I had not repented of my sins and believed in Jesus as my Savior.

On January 8, 1990, everything changed. In an evangelistic meeting, I received Christ into my heart. Ever since then I have had the desire to live according to the life that I received from Him that day. After I repented, the Scripture attracted me and the beauty of the Word amazed me.

After high school, I attended the Mechanical College. In time, another brother and I organized a Christian student group and we preached to them. The work soon spread to other campuses. I felt the need to be better prepared, but I thought that four years in a theological school would be too much. But after my graduation from the Mechanical College in 1994, I changed my way of thinking and went to Bible school in Oradea.

After my graduation from Bible school in 1998, I came back to Cahul. It is a city in the southern part of Moldavia with 60000 inhabitants. There was already a church in the northern part of the city, but we came to the conclusion that we needed a second church in town. In March 1999, we started the work. The vision of our church is to be a missionary church.

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