Testimony of Conversion and Call to Ministry

My name is Alfred S. I was born in a Roman Catholic family on May 14, 1995. My grandparents believed in and worshiped the Akha tradition. Similarly, my parents believed in animism and converted to Roman Catholicism due to various circumstances. I have an older brother, an older sister, and a younger sister. I am the third of my siblings. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church until the age of eight. The place where I live is a mountainous area in eastern Shan State, Myanmar. When I was young, in the mountain region, education was bad, a lot of poverties. There is almost no Christian preference. I didn’t study at school until I was eight years old. My older brother married a Christian woman. My older brother was going with his wife to church. I also followed my older brother and got my education when I was nine. Since then, I have heard the Word of God.

When I was ten years old, my father died. I was baptized after being saved in 2014 by attending Sunday school. In 2015, I joined a bible college and studied the Word of God deeply. As I studied the Word, I have a great burden for the lost souls. The more I read the Word, the burden that I have for lost souls bigger and bigger. the Bible College led us to do evangelism and soul-winning. I made a decision to serve God as a missionary in the unreached people group when I was studying in Bible school.

A friend challenged me to go to Loas, I was eager to go. But my friend went to be with the Lord in 2021, and the situation is getting worse, that’s why I changed my mind about not going to Loas but reaching the special region people.