Alex is a graduate of the Samara Center for Biblical Training. He pastors a young church in Ulyanovsk, which is about 200 miles northeast of Samara in Russia. Alex is single and has never been married.

Testimony of Conversion

Since childhood I wanted to know the meaning of life, and was concerned by the question of why people come into the world and then die in what I considered an unfair way. As an unbeliever, I lived without thinking of my actions as sin, or the consequences. From the beginning I realized that people are not good at heart, and even realized this about myself. At that point life became a nightmare and I was in a rut.

At home, I opened the New Testament and benefited from it, although I did not understand a lot. At that time I was captivated by people and world religions. Then one day I ran into an old acquaintance and it interested me that his life was different. He told me about God and how God changed his life. In three subsequent years I watched him, wondering whether his life was a temporary phenomenon. When we met he continued to tell me about Christ and I witnessed his joy as a changed man.

When my life began to fall apart, I turned to him and said, “I can no longer live like this, what do I do?” He took me to the believers of the Baptist church where I began to attend services and explore the gospel. I began to be open to the truth, and most importantly, to the fact that I was a sinner before God. Understanding that I needed to come to terms with my condition, I did. After reconciliation with God, the most surprising thing was that I began to understand the Word of God. I found answers to many questions, and my world became different. Following my conversion, I realized that God was calling me to serve in the church and the elders invited me to receive training in order to later serve in a pastoral capacity.