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Completed: Apr, 2021

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Armenian Translation of “Understanding the Discipline of Fasting”

Completed: Apr, 2021

Armenia Udf 1

Completed: Apr, 2021

Since 2017, HeartCry has partnered with Armenian publishing house LPH to translate, print, and distribute sound Armenian literature throughout the nation (and beyond). Recently, we completed our sixth translation project together, the workbook Understanding the Discipline of Fasting by Paul Washer. Below are few of the responses we have received from grateful recipients. Please be in prayer for the nation of Armenia, which experienced a tragic war in late 2020 (you can learn more about the literature ministry as well as current events in our video here).

“Dear Paul Washer and HeartCry, I cannot find the proper words to express the gratitude of my heart for arming us spiritually with your books. Understanding the Discipline of Fasting has been a total revival for us. It has been water for our thirsty hearts. This book helped us to understand the importance of fasting and its usefulness for our spiritual progress. The workbook has been a medicine for our hearts, eyes, and ears. I can say for sure that this is a most important study for us especially during these difficult days for our country.”
– Pastor Andranik

“Thank you and your staff so much for getting these spiritual treasures to us and our people! May our Lord bless the great work of love that you are doing in Christ.”
– Hovsepyan

“While reading Understanding the Discipline of Fasting, from the very first pages, I was strongly touched not only by the large list of Scriptural references to fasting, but also by the tactful presentation and explanation of the material. In my opinion, this is the best written Christian study out there, because this book is impossible to read without being moved by it.”
– Harut

“Again and again, I want to say thank you on behalf of our prayer group! In Armenia, these books are received as a torch of light in the darkness. We lift gratitude and glory to our God for this book providing true guidance. I pray for its truths be known to all pastors and churches in Armenia.”
– Marinosyan

A free downloadable PDF of the translation is available here.