Poniso Kuyumbana(preaching left) is missionary pastor of Senanga Baptist Church.  He is very zealous to take the Gospel and plant churches among the unreached Lozi people of Western Zambia.  In his recent report, he shared the testimony of a man who proves the Gospel’s power to save where the Law is powerless:

“I would like to share the story of a man who shows visible signs of experiencing the grace of God. Mr Kashweka lives in the newly settled area of Senanga. He is aged 44 and married with 5 children. He used to live in Itufa Village, about 10 kilometers north of Senanga. He’s a carpenter and a farmer. He makes chairs, desks, and all sorts of furniture for sale, thus supporting his family in addition to his farming.

Mr Kashweka (right) was brought up as a religious person, though he grew up in a non-Christian family. As a devout Seventh Day Adventist, he used to believe that keeping the law of God was sufficient to atone for his sins. Though holding such beliefs, he still messed up with his life to such a point that he became an example of evil people in the community. He often confesses that ’I am an example of the law’s weakness to save and keep someone right before God.’

It so happened that, in our evangelistic efforts, we came to his home. I remember talking to his wife about spiritual matters, and she said that life was terrible with her husband. She believed that nothing could change her husband.

We continued to minister the gospel to him and his wife until God heard our cry. After attending our church services for about five months, he obeyed the message of salvation in 2015. His wife became a Christian after two years. This was a woman who said there was no grace to change her husband!

After salvation, Kashweka showed the genuineness of his salvation with many spiritual works in evangelism, visitation, giving, teaching, studying God’s word, encouraging others, and working hard to support his wife and children. He is now being trained as a future elder of the church and acts as our building chairperson. Pray for his children, especially his son who works against his father’s faith and leads a stubborn life. Pray for his carpentry business that he can continue to support his family and the work of our church.”