Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus. We praise the Lord that our church is doing well. We currently have about 50 attenders during our Sunday service. Among them, there are about 30 believers; the rest are in need of salvation.

I praise the Lord that I have the privilege to work among the uneducated and illiterate. I realize the importance of a primary education to church believers in order for them to study the Scriptures, and to understand the Bible for themselves. I asked one of the college students attending the church to help our church members read their Bibles. He gladly agreed to do that. Now, 15 members are coming to the church to learn how to read in the evenings. Please pray that the Lord may bless their efforts.

There are a few Hindu families who have been attending the church recently. Please pray for their salvation. Please pray for the salvation of both my sons and our daughter in-law. They come to church and hear the preaching of the Word, but we know that it is the Lord who has to open their hearts. Please pray for their conversion. 

In Christ,

Yehoshua A.