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Wege Sinyangwe is planting Chimasulo Baptist Church in Chilanga, a town just south of Lusaka, Zambia.  Here are some segments from his summary report on the second half of 2015:

Chimasulo Baptist Church Update July-December 2015

“This work continues to be challenging and exciting. It is challenging because we are working hard, by God’s grace, desiring to see this work grow as much as possible, yet this seems to happen very slowly. Thank God it is not our work, but HIS. It is exciting because we see HIS faithfulness carrying us through these challenges. We will not lose heart because

He who began a good in you (us) will carry it on to completion”.


In this last half of 2015, the church did not see any conversions. There are a few who are showing signs of repentance and others wanting to be baptized, and still others wanting to become members. I am informing and educating them on what is expected or required of church members, particularly those who want to take part in baptism class.

Jambo Farm Evangelistic Bible Study

I’m excited to mention that the long-awaited Bible study at Jambo farm in Lilayi started in December 2015. Lilayi is one of the areas that we intend to reach with the gospel in addition to our primary area of Freedom Compound. Through the two couples that we have been visiting there, we managed to talk to some of the heads of the families that work at that farm. When we asked if we could be having a Bible Study with them, they accepted. We meet every Wednesday at 17hrs (5pm) and attendance has been between 10 and 15 adults. I’m grateful to the Lord for Mr. Nicholas Mwale (one of our first three converts) who has dedicated himself to this cause despite his busy work schedule. This Bible study is evangelistic in nature. The teachings are focused on the gospel message and some reflections on the tracts that we are giving them.


Apart from other challenges, may I mention two that seem to stand out in the last half of 2015. The first had to do with Mr and Mrs Chirwa who decided to go back to the charismatic church they came from. Second is the long absence of Mrs. Chimezas, who is one of our first three converts. Since the illness of her son in mid-October, she has never stepped foot at church or Bible Study. However, her son is doing much better now and we have not stopped visiting them.

A Witnessing Encounter

I became a Christian when the pastor prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit.”

These are the words I heard from a certain woman called ‘amake Isaac’ (meaning ‘mother of Isaac’). It was about six weeks ago, when I was visiting to encourage one of our regular attendees who had missed worship the previous Sunday. I did not know that she had a neighbour who had been noticing each time I visited her, and knew that I was a pastor. This ‘amake Isaac’ asked her neighbor, “When your pastor visits you, let me know so that he can pray for me.”

When I reached the home of that attendee, she welcomed me into her home, and before I could convey my intentions for the visit, she quickly asked if she could invite her neighbour who wanted me to pray for her. Of course, I accepted, though not only to pray for her, but also hoping to investigate her position in the Lord.

When she came, I engaged her by trying to find out what she wanted me to pray for. Before she made her request known, I first asked if she was attending any church and if she was a Christian. She (amake Isaac) told me about how her pastor prayed for her to receive the Holy Spirit and later on baptised her, therefore she was now a Christian. I then asked if she knew Jesus Christ, and she expressed total ignorance. When I prayed for her, my focus of prayer was more towards her spiritual life than physical needs. As I left, I asked if I could come back and share with her more about this Jesus and she agreed. I have been going back to share the gospel with her and continue praying for her salvation.”

Prayer Items:

  • Pray for the church plot: Land in Chilanga is a big challenge because most of this land is in private hands. We are still looking around particularly hoping to buy from the people/companies who own it.
  • Pray for the growth of this work.
  • Continue praying for people that have so far committed themselves to attending our church that they will find Chimasulo a home for their souls.
  • Keep on praying for the conversion of the attendees so that they can fully participate in the life of the church.
  • Pray for Freedom Compound against the evil vices such us drunkenness and immorality that are keeping most people in bondage. Pray also for God’s continued provision of their daily bread because most of the people are living in abject poverty.

Your fellow servant in the Lord’s vineyard,

Wege Sinyangwe family