God has given me some opportunities to witness to people this month. On a Sunday after the service I went to my uncle’s house to pick up my mom and to hang out a little bit, and there were other people there too. It was the month of Ramadan and after greeting them and asking them how they were doing, one of my aunts said she was fasting. I took that as a good opportunity to share the gospel, and I asked her what was the reason that she was fasting. The others that were there were also listening.

My aunt answered my question and she said, ‘I fast because they say we should do it.’ After that she said, ‘Oh, you’re a Christian! Do you have a cross on your neck?’ She probably had gained the impression that all Christians are those who have crosses on their necks. And I told her, ‘No, I don’t have a cross on my neck because it’s not necessary for me to have it on my neck. Now, let me tell you what the real importance of the cross is!’ And they said, ‘Yes, tell us about that, and also about what made you become a Christian.’

So I started from the beginning – the consequences of sin and how even one single sin would condemn us, showing the example of Adam and Eve. So I told them about the consequences of sin and the need for Christ to die in order to fulfill God’s righteousness. And I said, ‘At this cross that the people despise, there the righteousness of God was satisfied and now whoever repents of their sins and believes in Christ as the sacrifice for their sins will be saved.’

So I had the chance to explain to them for about 20 minutes and I was very encouraged by the way they were listening all the time without interrupting me. In the end, I asked them what they thought of this and they said that they were born Muslims and that they will continue in it. Pray that God will save them.