A few years ago, HeartCry sent out the only western missionaries we have worked with to the Lozi people in the Western Province of Zambia. The Missionary brothers lived and worked among the Lozi for approximately three years before being led to return to the U.S. Their involvement with this rural tribe helped to fuel a desire in Kabwata Baptist to reach out to this region with church planting efforts. The following is from a June 2013 email from Pastor Conrad Mbewe on what is currently happening in the Western Province.

Greetings in the name of our precious Redeemer and soon-coming King!

We have continued to push forward in missions efforts in the Western Province among the Lozi people. At the end of this month, Kuyumbana Poniso is finishing his internship with us and heading out to fully take charge of the church plant in Senanga, which started last December/January. We have thus far this year interviewed two potential missionaries for Senanga [to work alongside Kuyumbana], but came away not satisfied with the two men. So, we continue to pray and look. 

However, the reason why I am writing this email to you is that another door has opened, which is beyond what we would have asked or thought. It is an opportunity under our part-time preachers college here in Lusaka to train pastors in the Western Province. The story in brief is that a lady and her husband from the USA began a social project in Western Province and wanted to work through the churches. They found them extremely weak, and thus pourous. They were then burdened about trying to find someone locally to help train these pastors. When they asked around, my name popped up quite significantly and the pastors expressed willingness to be trained if I was involved. Thus, the wife approached me and when I put the matter before our preachers college faculty, they were agreed that we extend our labours in that direction.

So, to cut the long story short, what you have in the documents attached are the draft prospectus and the draft budget of what will be called the Liseli (“light”) Pastors Training College. It will only be residential for a few days (2-3 days) every 3 to 6 months. In between, the American family has provided gadgets that will enable the students to listen to audio lectures. We will give them reading and writing assignments, as well …

We are excited about this, and so are the pastors in the Western Province. Already I am told that about 70 to 80 pastors have registered. I am not sure how many will survive after they see the amount of work required and become more familiar with our doctrinal distinctives. However, bearing in mind where we are coming from, this is certainly much more than we initially envisaged. … Finally, do pray for us. Two of our men are travelling there next week to go and launch the training!

Yours Truly,

Conrad Mbewe