Ruxi And Teenage Girls

In spite of a debilitating illness, HeartCry missionary Ruxi Vandici, continues to engage students with the gospel. She is often provided opportunities to share how the Lord has enabled her to overcome adversity through her relationship with Christ. In her recent report she shares the joys and hardships of student ministry.

This month we had the great joy of seeing a freshmen who started attending our group in the fall be baptized. A couple of years ago when invited to a Bible study in her home town, she studied the Bible with a Christian family for two years. The Lord worked in her heart through this Bible study and brought her to Himself.  So when she came to college in Bucharest she was ready for baptism. At first her dad opposed her being baptized, but she remained firm in her decision. We have been very glad to see her grow in faith and witness her desire to share the gospel with her colleagues! She brought one of her friends to a couple of our evangelistic events in December which was so encouraging to us! We pray that the Lord will continue to establish her in the faith and bring others to Himself through her testimony!

But the month also had some discouragements. Several girls who at times last year seemed right on the verge of entering the Kingdom of God began to grow cold towards God. Recently, I met with one of them with whom I had studied the Bible and shared the gospel.  During this time she seemed to seek God.  But lately it has been sad to see her becoming increasingly religious by regularly attending the Orthodox Church, which she hadn’t done before. She began to talk a lot to the priest and became immersed in the religious ceremonies. During this time she stopped reading the Bible and ceased to have troubling questions about her soul. She seems more at peace now, but sadly it is a false peace. I have prayed that the Lord will not leave her in her religious deception, but awaken her soul to seek Him. The Lord showed me, even in the midst of this discouragement, that He is the One building His church, and He is mighty to save with or without human instrumentality.

Just a few days ago I met a freshman who shared with me how God brought him to Himself about a year ago by basically reading the Bible. His great-grandfather apparently was a believer and he recalled him telling him things from the Bible, but not about the gospel. A couple of years ago this guy started reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and found the answers by himself. Then he found a Brethren Church in his hometown and was surprised that they held the same beliefs as he did. He has a wonderful evangelistic zeal now, and tries to share the gospel with his colleagues. Since he hadn’t read any Christian book, I was happy to recommend some very good resources.  He needs to grow and be established in the faith. Praise the Lord that He is still saving sinners and building His church!

Lately the Lord has opened doors for me to encourage and minister to several young women who are fighting serious illnesses like cancer and lupus. I think they feel I can understand a little of their struggle as I battle chronic illness myself. I have been so glad that I have been able to share with them some of the verses, sermons and writings that have been a tremendous help for me over the years. At times I feel my illness was pointless and yielded no good, but the Lord started to show me why He is working in me and how He uses it for other people’s good. I have learned more and more that the Lord is bringing glory to Himself in our weakness, not in our strength. I pray that I will trust more in His amazing promise, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9