Mala Bootcamp Feature

Three years ago, we decided to launch an event to teach university students robust theology. The University Theology Bootcamp was launched. For three years straight, we have gathered together with up to 200 students in the mountains of Zomba. Behind all this was our desire to see who would come to an event that was primarily a preaching event. No entertainment, no tricks, just Bible based or expository preaching. To our surprise there has been a good number of students interested in the event.

Mala Teaching
Mala teaching

1. A Possible Awakening?
Like many of you, I believe we should not use words like “awakening” lightly. But could it be that the Lord is doing something among these young people? We have discovered that some of these students have found the great Christian doctrines or the doctrines of grace on the internet. In the providence of God, these men and women are already listening to some of the faithful preachers of our day. So now they are looking for others who are just like them. We need to go and fill that gap. Why are they interested in the dead people’s theology? Why are they curious about the old faith? Why are they interested in Biblical truth? When we ask them why, they tell us that it is because these men don’t compromise on the truth. Why would one respond in this way after reading a sermon by C.H Spurgeon?

2. They are Longing for Solid Discipleship
We have discovered that some of these students are looking for faithful shepherds to disciple and help them grow. Across Africa, especially Southern Africa, many young people come from broken homes. They grow up without a relationship with their parents. When they become Christians, they long for spiritual fathers and mothers to walk with them. We need to be there for them. Our churches must welcome young men and women and mentor them throughout their college years.

Maya Teaching
Maya teaching

3. They are Questioning the Prosperity Preachers
We have discovered there are hundreds of students today who are tired of the word of faith movement. They have tried it and proved it, and found it wanting. They are now questioning it. We need faithful ministries to step in and answer their questions. College is one of the most confusing stages in life for many of these young people. As it is, many of them are being bombarded by liberalism which has infiltrated most major studies across African Universities. The prosperity gospel does not reason and has no answers for these young people. They need robust theology to answer all their hard questions and give them direction in life.

Good Turnout Despite Covid Fears

With the fear amongst many students surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, and universities being closed for months during these times, we had thought that the Bootcamp would not happen this year. But the Lord surprised us at the last minute and once universities opened, the students themselves were eager and asked us to please go ahead with the event. We gladly obliged and the Lord provided the means for this all of this, to glorify His name. He opened up the door and allowed us to have this event, with many in attendance, to hear the gospel preached.

Nearly 200 students from several campuses attended

The event was titled ‘The Worship of God’ with the following topics preached: 1) What is worship?  2) A student life that glorifies God;  3) Don’t waste your life;  4) Dealing with anxiety and addiction; 5) Music in worship;  6) You were created to worship;  7) Finances, time, sexual purity and worship;  8) The regulative principle of worship.

Pray that the Word of God may dwell richly in the hearts of all who heard it.

New Opportunities for Discipleship

For the next several months, we will spend our time in seven different campuses, with two of them located three hours away from where we are. Almost all of the students signed up for a discipleship program on their campuses. We will spend some time on their college campuses teaching through Paul Washer’s new series of workbooks. We plan to start with ‘Knowing the Living God,’ which is the first book in the series.

Students listened with intense interest

Every week, our men will be travelling to various campuses to conduct these workshops for 13 weeks. Please pray for a move of God in these meetings, that these young men and women will grasp these truths. Please pray that none of these meetings will only end in emotional excitement with no real fruit of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our men. The next 13 weeks, and hopefully beyond, will be very busy for all of us.

Sincerely yours,