I am very excited for what the Lord is doing and has done this past month. I have had various opportunities to share the gospel in different situations. In one case, the people with whom I was sharing the gospel were going through a very difficult time, both in their relationships and their finances. We have been able to continue sharing the Scriptures with them in studies in their home. One of them told me that before, in situations like the one they are in now, he would only look for refuge in alcohol. He had never heard, or even desired to hear, the gospel, but now things are different and he said that he desires to read the Bible. He had raised his children without the fear of the Lord and had led his home in a direction that is contrary to the Bible, but he now wants to lead his home rightly and he has asked that we continue to visit them in their home.

Another situation was with a big family that recently found out that one of the family members has cancer. They invited me to speak to them and give them spiritual guidance. It was a good opportunity to share the gospel with all of them. God also gave me the opportunity to tell others about the gospel during a medical campaign that lasted four days. The gospel was preached both to individuals as well as to bigger groups.