I am very happy in the Lord to see that the ministry that He’s given us in Cuzco is continually strengthened. Having grown over the past several months, there are now many more people that have begun attending the church services and they are showing a real interest in the Gospel and a desire to hear the Word of God. There have been Sundays when we have not had room in the small building we were renting. Because of this, we have changed meeting locations to one that is slightly larger, and thankfully everyone is able to fit. We thank God for this.

Please pray for those who have recently begun attending our congregation with an obvious interest in hearing the Word of God. In all, there are seven people who seem to show the most interest. We are visiting them in their homes for discipleship.

Regarding evangelism, each Sunday we go out to talk to people in the city plazas. Sometimes the authorities do not allow us to preach, but other times they do. In addition to Sundays, we also go out into the city to evangelize some evenings. Though there have been many people who seem to show interest when we share the Gospel with them, we have yet to see people come to the church through this ministry. Nonetheless, we do not lose heart, but we will continue to proclaim the Gospel in this city.

We also participated in a evangelistic medical event in a town outside of Cuzco called Simatauyca. There is no evangelical church in the town, but there is one family there that is Christian. During this event I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel on two separate occasions, and we also had the opportunity to speak with people one-on-one during the day. Praise the Lord, there were many people who listened to us as we explained the Gospel and they have shown great interest in hearing more. We are visiting them each Sunday. While we cannot say that we have seen any of them converted yet, we have great hope in our God and we are praying for them.