There are times when mission work seems difficult, particularly to those of us who are on the ground. There is often a feeling of doubt, as if perhaps we did not hear God’s call properly. Our desire is to see results as soon as possible after taking up the challenge. This has been my expectation and I believe an expectation from all of us at Mount Makulu Baptist Church (MMBC) in Chilanga, Zambia. Chimasulo Baptist Church (CBC) is MMBC’s first-ever mission work. This explains our levels of expectation.

The work has been slower than we had desired. For the last two or three years, we have had people coming and going, with some sticking around but making no commitment to Christ. However, the Lord of the harvest has proved to us that this is His work and that He is committed to saving His precious souls. On December 14th, 2014, we had our first baptism. Three people from CBC were baptized that day alongside four from our mother church. I remember one statement that our brother in the Lord, Kaumbu Mwondela, made while we were in the changing room after the baptism. He said,

“So, the Lord is still saving His people.”

He did not mean, of course, that the Lord had ever stopped saving people. He meant, rather, that one might think that the Lord had been inactive, for the visible results of people being saved were not coming as soon as we expected.

Here is the testimony of one of those who was baptized that day, Nicholus Mwale: “When Pastor Sinyangwe started coming to share the Gospel with me, I was not interested at all; I thought he was just wasting my time. There were times when I saw him coming from a distance that I ran away from him or simply hid and told my fellow work-mates to tell him that I was not around. But this pastor persisted, until one day I gave in and told him that on Sunday I would visit their church. Unfortunately, I did not show up that Sunday. On Monday he was on me, and I just excused myself but promised that next Sunday I was going to come. That Sunday came, and I told my wife that she was going to accompany me to church. She thought I was joking! Eventually, I convinced her that I was not, and I led her to Chimasulo Baptist Church. After the service, my spirit was at peace, and I was settled that this would be my church.” Since then, he has never gone back to his former life. He says that the faithful preaching of God’s Word Sunday after Sunday continually affected his life until he was brought down to his knees; he realized that he was a sinner and repented of his sins. His wife – who had thought she was a Christian – was also truly saved and has shared with us her testimony. She was baptized on the same day as her husband.

Those of us who are in the battle field of missions: let us not grow weary! The battle is not ours; it belongs to the Lord, and He is committed to saving His precious souls!

“I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd”

John 10:16

Remember us in your prayers, brothers.
Wege Sinyangwe