Dear HeartCry,

Thank you for praying, supporting and helping us for mission work in Vietnam. May the Trinity bless your family and your Church in peace, health and happiness.

In the past time I have visited, comforted, and prayed for a family of sisters in the Church, has a husband with cancer, he believed in God for many years, when we visit he is very happy and my family is comforted, and I am encouraged by my caring for brothers and sisters in the church when they need me. I always keep myself constantly praying to God every day, every morning, every night, even at midnight and meditating, reading, learning the word of God is blessed. I realize that the more you work for God, the more you pray.

In June I have a pastoral program for children and prepare camp program for children on at in a local district. The purpose is to help children know God’s Word, to live, to play, to eat and to give gifts to children as pen and notebook. Most of the children are from poor families working locally and parents are willing to send their children to the church to attend. On every Saturday there are sessions for the children, currently they are studying the biblical program for children through vivid imagery. We try to make a good relationship with their family, have the opportunity to visit each family, and hopefully one day we will preach the gospel to the families of the locals.

Sincerely, Chi G.