Each Saturday night a group of the men of our church are meeting to pray, while a group of sisters also meets to pray at the same time. In the recent months we have been praying that the Lord would give us opportunities to evangelize and that He would increase our love for the lost. We have been seeing that the majority of the people who come to our church come from other churches that are not healthy. They come because they are searching for a church that teaches sound doctrine. Or sometimes they come because they have found us on the internet or because our church has been recommended to them. But, almost all of them are believers who came to know the Lord through another ministry.

It has been on our heart to pray that our God would allow us to see new people coming to the feet of Christ and that, as a church, we would be an instrument that God uses to reach sinners. This last month we have had growing opportunities to share the gospel with neighbors and friends who do not know the Lord. Some of the brothers have been sharing the gospel with co-workers and family members and we have seen some of these people at our services on the last two Sundays.

Particularly, I want to share with you about Miguel, a co-worker of one of our church members. This brother from our church shared the gospel with his Miguel and this last Saturday and Sunday he attended our meetings. It appears the Lord has been breaking and humbling him during the past week through some very unfavorable circumstances in his life. When I spoke with him, he said that he had come to a conviction of sin and a genuine desire to follow Christ. I trust that, with time, we will see fruits worthy of repentance, if in fact there has been a genuine work of the Holy Spirit in him.