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Pastor “Gennady” and “Eugene” took a recent trip, over 1500 miles, to visit believers in small neighboring communities. Gennady has been taking trips like these for over twenty to teach, encourage, and fellowship with those who live in the most remote parts of his region. Below, he writes of his most recent trip and some of the particular reasons for encouragement:


The Lord has blessed the past month with an abundance of travel and visits. On one of the last Sundays, I had the opportunity to visit a small church whose pastor is a dear brother. It was nice to see how this community is developing and even how new people are attending. I preached God’s Word there on Mark 10:32-34. I spoke about the meaning of the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ for Christians, detailing what it means to us. After the meeting, we had good fellowship with the members of this church.

After this initial visit, we spent 2 days in communion with another church. I preached at a service on Mark 4: 1-9, in which Christ tells the parable of the sower. We talked about 4 types of soil, or rather, about 3 of the first, from which follows what the 4th should be: good, capable of bearing spiritual fruits.

      And then we made a dash to a few hundred miles away, where we spent 2 days. We devoted the evening of the first day to fellowship with the brothers of this church. We talked about the spiritual growth of believers in the conditions of modern life, about the ministry and preaching of God’s Word in the church. We also touched on several texts from Scripture that were not entirely clear to them. For me, it was a wonderful time of encouragement and joy of communication.

These trips are long and can be very difficult. The snow can be deeper the car, and the temperature colder than any normal person would want to be out in! However, I persevere because I believe God has given me this ministry. I also persevere because of the visible fruit God shows in those we visit, and the lasting impact God impresses on my heart, encouraging me to continue on in ministering to saints.