HeartCry partner Vijay S. is the Director of Reach All Nations(RAN), a church planting ministry that operates in South India.  Vijay recently shared with me the following highlights about the work that God has been doing through RAN over the past 3 years: 

  • 16 Pastors Conferences – 1541 pastors attended;
  • 28 Monthly Fellowship meetings for all RAN missionaries in 3 regions;
  • 3 Bible training programs for 40 days each – 73 students received Bible training;
  • 4 Good News Festivals – 8,700 people attended and heard the Gospel;
  • 82 church plants in 8 districts of South India, with 58 currently receiving support;
  • 32 children cared for in the Children’s Home (since 2005);
  • 24 widows received support and fellowship;
  • 6 Free Medical Camps – 820 people received medical treatments;
  • 38 families received relief and support (i.e., food, clothes, financial assistance)

Vijay also shared the following update with me about RAN’s building project:

I would like to bring to your kind notice about the progress of our Children’s Home and Training Centre Building Project.  This building project is coming true as a result of 14 years of prayer and waiting upon the Lord.  In 2011 God provided us the needed land for the building project.  We began the building work in December 2012 when the foundations were laid.  From February 2013 onward the work began to progress, and more support started coming in.  Needed permissions were received, and we were able to install the ground floor concrete slab in the month of September 2013.  This is very exciting, and we are thankful to the Lord for the progress.

Vijay informed me that the new building will be a three story project and will be used as an orphanage and Bible training center, as well as providing office space for the RAN staff and housing accommodations for international short-term ministry teams.

Please pray that the Lord would enable the RAN team to complete their work on this building project and that it would be greatly used to spread the Gospel throughout India and the 10/40 window.

Here are some pictures that Vijay sent of the work being accomplished on the building: