Dear HeartCry.

Praising the Lord during the past month because He preserved us and the family is healthy and peaceful!

Last month we were instructed by the Lord to be dependent on Him in all aspects of our lives, for Christ is our master (Romans 14 especially in verse 9 for to this end Christ both died, and rose and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.). Here the Scripture says Jesus is the master of our heart, and our whole life, and we have to depend on Him as slaves to depend on their master. I thank God for this relationship with Him and peace of mind, I believe that this is one of the important things that the Holy Spirit has made in my life to every day to be more like Him.

To be called by God to do His ministry is a great spiritual gift that God has given us, so it is the duty that is received in the presence of the Lord and we love the work God has given us, the present there are two parts that we have been doing.

The first is the extensive management of the local church, such as prayer, evangelism, visitation and care. But the important focus must be focused on weekly preparation for the teaching of the word of God.

The second task is to build a family cell in the evening, every Thursday, with the goal of bringing God’s word to those outside the church. However, this is not an easy and convenient job as responding to God’s word is always difficult for those who are weak and unbelieving, but still useful to those who trust in God.

I remember nearly a year in the cell group of Mr. Thanh, his wife is Ms. Thi Thu, every Thursday evening we go to Bible study group in his family. Thanh’s sister is Lan, each time Lan saw us coming she voided us when we talked about the salvation of Jesus, talked about the gospel of God. Thankfully, God gradually cuased Lan sit down after many months and ask questions. God, in His good will and His power arrested Lan and Lan repented of sin and accepted Jesus as the Savior. And now Lan not only sits down to study the Bible with her family and with us, but also invited her friends to join in the study of the Bible. During the bible study, Lan was very active and warmly witnessed to her friends. In fact, God changed Lan’s heart. No one can do it, now Lan is changed, we are so blessed and grateful to God for what He is doing in Lan’s life!

We are grateful to God for everything he gives our Church’s members and us. We thank God for HearCry loves us with the love of Jesus Christ, for sharing, praying, and providing for our needs.

May Father bless you abundantly above all of you!

Sincerely, Binh B.