Brothers and sisters, together with my family and the believers in the churches around us, we are devoting ourselves to the work of the Lord, though it is difficult right now because of the strong rains that come during this season each year in our mountains. However, I am very grateful to our Lord since these rains are a great blessing of our God, because the majority of the people here earn a living and provide for their families through the agriculture.

On January 10, I left at noon to go to the church called My Confidence Is In God Alone. It is located at the center of the town of Santa Rosa, where I arrived at 6:30 PM. When I arrived, we had a study with the leaders of the church on the theme of “Adoration of our God,” based on a study by John MacArthur. The following day we held a service with all of the believers of the church on the same theme, encouraging one another to continue moving forward in the ways of the Lord. Please pray for this church, since the pastors have only been a short time in the ministry and are very young, even though the church has many members.

Later in the month we had our pastoral training conference in the city of Piura, where a group of 20 pastors of our region of Pacaipampa traveled down to the city to hear the teaching of God’s Word with other pastors from northern Peru. The Lord used the expositors greatly, and all of us who attended the conference understood the teachings and want to share them with all of our churches. We are always thankful to God for these teachings, which are a big help to the People of God.

On the 25th of January, I left Pacaipampa on foot at 2:00 PM for a church called Christ is the Head of the Church, which is in San Lazaro. I arrived at 6:00 PM in pouring down rain. The pastor of the church had organized a night service, having invited many families that are not believers. It began at 8:00 PM with teaching from God’s Word, where I taught the things that we learned at the pastors training, which was “The Bible is God’s Painting of Jesus Christ painted by the Holy Spirit.” The special service ended at 4:00 AM. On Sunday we held a service with the brothers and sisters of the church, where we studied how the Bible is about Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments.

On January 30 I participated in the meeting of all the pastors from Pacaipampa. We met at the church in San Luis and I taught on the theme of “The Bible is God’s Painting of Jesus Christ painted by the Holy Spirit.” All of the pastors that were unable to attend the conference in Piura earlier in the month were very happy to be able to hear the teachings as we taught them.

Luke began working for HeartCry in 2012 after graduating from Virginia Tech. He was raised in Harrisonburg, Virginia and now resides a few hours south in Radford, Virginia with his wife Meghan and their three children. He is the coordinator for the work that HeartCry is involved in throughout Latin America.

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