I would like to send you all greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To share with you some of the work that the Lord has given us in the region of Pacaipampa, I would like to begin by telling you about some of the events this month has held. Toward the beginning of the month, Pastor Nicomedes and I traveled to the small village of San Miguel de San Pablo. In this town of Pacaipampa, there is a new church plant called “Christ is my King,” and to reach it we had to walk ten hours on foot, leaving the town of Pacaipampa at 7:00 AM and arriving in San Miguel at 5:00 PM. We held a service with the brothers and sisters of the church in this village, and I was given the opportunity to speak on “Christian Love and Obedience.”

After this meeting we traveled another forty-five minutes to Bellavista. There is another new work in this town that has only been established very recently. We met with the leaders of the church plant in order to further coordinate future efforts there, and our time of planning and discussion lasted until 1:00 AM. Early the next morning we held a worship service with the believers in the village, and I taught from the Word of God on the theme “The Unity of the Church.” After several hours of worship, teaching, and prayer, we met with all this new church to determine and begin applying our efforts to raise up the Lord’s work there. Together with the believers of Bellavista we agreed to begin helping them with evangelistic efforts, which will mostly involve sharing the Gospel with people door-to-door.

Later in the month I traveled fours hours on foot to a village called Huaca. “Christ is my Savior,” the church that meets in Huaca, held a meeting for all twelve pastors of the Baptist Association of that region. They gave me the opportunity to teach on “The Call to Repentance,” and later we met to discuss our plans for evangelistic efforts for 2014. In general, our goal is to help pastor and disciple the members of two new church plants, one in a town called Chalaco and the other in the village of Inampampa.

I ask you to please pray for the work here, and also for my family. God bless you all.