Paul Snider, our dear friend and partner in Papua, Indonesia has suffered intense pain from the Chikungunya virus during the last seven weeks. Thankfully, Paul had just arrived in the US for a furlough when he was diagnosed and was able to receive treatment and is recovering after weeks of severe illness. In Paul’s letter below he expresses his thankfulness to the Lord for healing and shares an update about his recovery. Please continue to pray for our partners in Papua and the work among the Korowai people.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for us. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am recovering the way I am because of your prayers to our Father in Heaven. All I can say is that our Father is very gracious, loving, and kind in the midst of sickness.

I am glad to be typing this update with my own fingers. It has been 7 weeks since I was discharged from the hospital in Minneapolis. Over the past 7 weeks I have regained feeling in my hands and feet. The numbness is almost gone in my body. My energy is returning. I have been resting in MN and have been enjoying reading and spending time with family. 

Please pray for my face and eyes to regain full function. My eyes still will not shut without me forcing them. I cannot blink normal. I have to constantly use eye drops to alleviate the burning. My speech is improving. My face is still paralyzed, but we are seeing some improvement. My smile looks like a small grin. That’s encouraging!

My physical and occupational therapy is helping. They are surprised with the improvement that is happening. However, even if I feel energetic, they are warning me to take it slow. 

If I continue to show this kind of progress in my health, our plans are to move to NC by October. We will be basing from there for several months as we travel to different churches for preaching and reporting. Please pray I have the strength and energy to travel and speak in October. 

Finally, I want to thank the Lord for my wife. She is a gift from above. The reason I am doing so well is also because of this awesome woman. Trish has had a difficult few first few months back in the States looking after me, taking care of our children, and dealing with all the responsibilities that I usually handle. I praise God for such a woman. Pray for Trish and ask that God would continue to give her strength and joy in Christ. 

I hope to be in touch with many of you as we begin to travel in the upcoming months. 

Pray for the Lane & Marianne to treasure Jesus and be obedient to His Word. Pray for me as I lead my family. Pray for the Korowai, Yus & Epi Weya, and Papua.

Paul Snider