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Recently, we posted an announcement regarding the printing of “Knowing the Living God” in the Kazakh language, which can be found by clicking here. This publication was the result of our missionary in Kazakhstan, “Bagid”, along with the translation efforts of several believers who worked diligently for many months.

Below are pictures of this workbook being used in a church bible study. Please pray for these believers as they study the doctrine of God in this way for the first time. Pray for fruit from this study, that God’s name would be hallowed in the churches of Kazakhstan, and that many would grow deeper in their knowledge of the one true God.

As I write this update, Bagid and his team of translators are working to translate their third workbook, “Discovering the Glorious Gospel”. Pray for the team as they begin this translation work. The printing of the 2nd workbook, “Discerning the Plight of Man” has now begun, as this team of translators finalized the translation last week.

The need for sound, biblical resources in the Kazakh language is very great. We would ask for your prayers on behalf of those doing the difficult and monotonous work of translation. Pray for the Lord to sustain their excitement and work ethic as these translators begin their 3rd workbook. Pray for the workbooks that are now in print, that they would reach the hands of many, and that a great multitude would come to saving faith through the teaching of the church in Kazakhstan, the ministry of ‘Bagid’, and the labor of these translators.