The following post is an update given to us by Pastor Timothy, who oversees the men HeatCry supports in Myanmar. 

I. Myanmar Ministry Update for May – June 2016

Dear friend in Myanmar ministry, The Spirit of God is moving in Myanmar in various places. I am excited to give you information about our ministry activities during these two months May and June 2016.

Mission Field Outreach Ministry

(1) My son Issachar with other two friends, left for Kaya State on May 2 (Monday) and we arrived L. safely. We took rest on May 3 (Tuesday), and May 4 (Wednesday) was an unusual day for Redemption Bible Church. They worship at a house for 8 years, and by God’s grace we could have a church dedication service and the church was packed with the people on that day. The founder of that church by the name of Joshua has four children and 19 grand children. He led them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and this is like a family church – all of them 29 family members. There are other brethren also. We had a fruitful discipleship training May 4-8, 2016. On May 7 was one of our frontline missionaries namely Saki wedding day. It was conducted at his parents’ house compound and more than 200 people came for the wedding ceremony,  I took as opportunity and shared the Word of God.

(2) Visiting Another Mission Fields to Meet with Frontline missionaries. My wife and I left for Delta Area mission fields on May 11 and we visited eight mission points to encourage our frontline missionaries who are working hard for the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Missionary S. and Family:

They worked in P. Town for one and half years, but no success at all. They were disappointed, and we encouraged them to change their mission field. After much prayer, they reach a very rural village which has about 400 houses. The village is located near the beach and they live among trees. When we arrived their home, they were overjoyed and told us what has been happening there. Since January 2016 they have meetings every night at different houses. On Sunday they worship three times. We rent a very simple village house; even that house is also available up to October. About 40 people worship faithfully. They badly in need of a property for missionary house and church building. 

Missionary Aung and Wife:

The next day we went to T. Town where new couples who are a member of Soldiers of Jesus Christ serve as a frontline missionary pastor. Their mission house was damaged by the flood. They prepared a good lunch for us and we prayed together for a new church building. They have 30-40 children on Sunday and there are 11 faithful members. After lunch we moved to Ngiau Hmaw village where missionary Aung and his wife have been there faithfully. They started a church which has 14 members. From his church members, he produced one faithful young man who graduated from our Bible College and now he has found a new mission field in the beach. It is in a village where no gospel is preached. We were really encouraged to see the fruits of our frontline missionaries’ labor. New missionary Saw  and his wife: 

At T. Village

The next day, we move to T.  Kung village where our frontline missionary family Win started a church at a hut. Their living style is very simple, but very happy with the ministry that they are doing. They have two house churches. From that village, we went to D. where missionary Benjamin and family serves as a church planted faithfully. Benjamin has two children, but they are in the children crusade at another mission church which is conducted by one of our frontline missionaries. Win & Family They work among Buddhists and they face much opposition. They do need power and strength. We praise the Lord for such committed missionaries.

II. Missionaries’ Kids Conference and Soldiers of Jesus Christ Retreat

This is the third time for missionaries’ kids’ conference. From our two children home (35) children came and from different mission fields (37) children came. The two days conference May 25 and 26 was a very fruitful conference. They dedicated their lives for the ministry.

III. Bible College Ministry

 God’s hands have been upon our Bible College ministries. Students and Faculty members did a wonderful soul winning outreach during our summer holidays (March –May). We have reached 2490 people with the Word of God, we did not have a statistic, but it is sure that some people got saved and some people were edified.

Soldiers of Jesus Christ also had a good evangelistic outreach during this summer. New Academic Year (2016-2017): We have begun our new Academic year and the Lord sent 35 new students to us; we thank God for that.The above is all students fresher welcome service on June 10. First year students………..33 Second year students…..44 Third year students……. 28 Fourth year students….. 18 Master students………… 03 Three months program students… 15 Total students………… 141.Some students are still on the way. Teachers are also ready to teach God’s Words and students are also ready to learn and to study. We will begin our children outreach ministry also on this coming Sunday. New students are from 12 different ethnic groups and they are lovely and committed to the Word. The Lord has entrusted those young people into our hands to be trained and we thank God for that. 

IV. Faith Missionary Training Institute

 Under this Institute, there 15 students for three months three years program. These students are also from 7 different ethnic groups. Totally we have 141 students. All these things could be happened because of your prayer support and financial support. We praise the Lord for His grace and blessings upon our ministries.

Yours in His vineyard,

Timothy, Servant of the Lord