HeartCry is providing the funds for Doug to attend seminary. Doug is a member of a church in Nepal and the pastor is supported by HeartCry. The following is an update from Doug about his education and training and his appreciation to you for your support. 

Dear Brothers. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am thankful to our Lord for the time He has granted me to be in seminary for the preparation of His ministry. I am enjoying with teaching from godly men who are entrusted by God to train young men like me. It is joyful me to share how God has been gracious in my seminary life in these six months.

By the end of November, we completed three modules of second year out of four. This entire six months, we learn Greek and Hebrew exegesis, exegesis to exposition, expository preaching from Torah and church history. Learning two different languages together was very interesting and challenging for me. It is great privilege for me to study these languages for deeper understanding. Last month, my laptop got damaged but by providence of God, HeartCry supported me for new one. I give thanks to HearCry for supporting financially and through prayer.

I came from all way to Nepal where, there are no materials for bible study. There is no study bible, no theological dictionary, lexicons, commentaries, and other studies marterials. And when I came in seminary and introduced with these all materials, so far Greek and Hebrew languages, I felt myself that I am sinking in deep ocean. There are lots to learn about the truth of God. God has been preparing me for His work through this training. Before seminary, I was thinking that there are many people without gospel and even in Christian circles, many people are without sound teaching, so I should go for seminary so that I could teach this people the truth of the gospel. But as I am studying in seminary from more than one and half years, I am realizing that this study is first my own soul. As I am blessed by God’s word, it will be blessing for others when they hear from me. It is a great joy of my life, being a student of the scripture and to learn under the feet of our Glorious Lord. God is edifying me through the teaching of His word by the illumination of His Spirit. I praise God for His works in my own personal life.

Beside study, God has allowed me to be partaker of His ministry with Ps. Amos. He has been serving two Nepali congregations along with one elder. God gave me an opportunity to serve Him special among these Nepali groups. God has brought many His elected people to the church. Recently, some men and women got baptized. It is so joy to see God’s might hand open His people even in this foreign land. In whole December, we have vacation and I am visiting some Nepali families for encouragement and sharing. As, my own personal study, I am very blessed from John 21:15-19, where Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” three times. And He commanded Him saying, “Shepherd My sheep”. It is very blessing passage in my own personal life. I am called to display my love towards God by shepherding people whom God has placed around me whether in Nepal or here in God. Even many of you brothers are being shepherding God’s flocks from many years, these words of Jesus are very encouraging for you and all those who are preparing for future ministry like me that we are called to demonstrated our love for Jesus by shepherding God’s people around us. May God give us more love for Him and His people. Please keep praying for my study and personal maturity.

In Christ, Doug