Greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord. God in His grace and mercy leading me and myfamily thus far. It is my privilege to share this ministry report of this month as God has leaded me.

Ministry Activities

It is my joy to share that the church is growing biblically. On Saturday we have church services in my local place and on Sunday we have fellowship which is near the India border. By the grace of God a few people are coming in this fellowship. Let God bring more people in His kingdom! It is also my privilege to join in HeartCry conference on Feb. 8-11 as Brother Nathan taught from Ecclesiology and Brother Abrams taught about the life of preacher, true doctrine, and church. It is very helpful to me in my coming ministry and I hope that HeartCry will continue to support to train us.

I would like to give thanks to God for His grace in my life and his support in my ministry. Also, I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your great support, prayer, and teaching.

May God bless you!

Sincerely, Rag. V.