January Mission Report

By the grace of God, I am involved in His ministry. My wife has a privilege to conduct weekly Sunday school teaching in “Ping Ne Kung” city in two different worship places, even though there is difficulty in having Sunday school teaching in “Guai Daung Chaung” village this month.

Sunday worship service is also conducted every week in our church, where 10 to 20 people could join us regularly. Every Wednesday afternoon I usually evangelize outside, and in the evening, I schedule to have evening worship service with my church members. Moreover, I personally go to each of my member’s house four days a week to give doses of encouragement and pray for them. Each Saturday, my wife and I go to “Ping Ne Kung” city to teach children who are unbelievers.

As prayer being powerful, I would like to make some prayer requests: pray for U Tin Ong and his family to be born gain. Also, may God pour a shower of blessing to those who are involved in this ministry financially and through constant prayers!

His servant, Davamoe Lyan