Latest Update from Western Burma (Myanmar)

Above all, I give thanks to our God for the many wonderful things He has done in my life and in my ministry. I am also grateful to dear HeartCry for the visit to me last month which was the decisive step to greater changes and more opportunities in my ministry. I am thankful to the Lord that HeartCry Missionary Society is grounded upon biblical doctrines and that I have now become part of it. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of my brethren in Christ for their generous contributions toward my support. To God, who is working in your hearts to do such a great thing, be the glory forever and ever!

In God’s providence, we were able to discuss and arrange almost all ministries that HeartCry is committed to partner with in carrying out, i.e. sending out men for church planting, book translation, and holding conferences. Although I am not yet able to confirm at this stage the detailed plans for all above ministries since it is a long term mission and requires working with local churches and leaders from different locations and circumstances, I can assure you that I am working closely with men from the fields, both in this part of Myanmar and in bordering S. China, to implement the visions and missions of HeartCry in targeted areas.

In this month, I have been enabled to accomplish the most important and strategic step, i.e. moving my family to Kyaingtong. We are settled down here happy and together. Based here, I am teaching at the Bible school, doing book translation, and planning for conferences in different parts of Shan state as well as in China. Thanks to the HeartCry and its donors! Missionary plans will be developed and executed in coming months.

Let me conclude by reassuring you that your investment in the ministry in this part of the world is most worthwhile and glorifying to the Lord because tens of churches and hundreds of pastors are going to benefit from my ministry in partnership with HC. Souls will be brought to Christ by the gospel preaching of men whom the church is sending out and churches will be founded. The gospel will be passed onto the generations to come. God will be glorified. I am confident in the gospel because “it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16).

May God bless the HeartCry and all the partners!

John T.