Gypsy missionary Marian Vale provides the following window into his ministry this past month: 

I made pastoral and 40 evangelistic visits in Fundeni. I also made a pastoral visit and 10 evangelistic ones in Pantelimon. I participated in an evangelistic outreach with the HeartCry missionaries where four people turned to the Lord.

In Fundeni, I met a woman who has four daughters. All of them have been sick since 1992. She took them to the doctor and had them hospitalized, but nothing changed. One of them is really sick. She leaves home and will get lost in the woods. One time they found her about 100 kilometers from home. This girl doesn’t want to go to the hospital again because she says that the doctors and the nurses beat her.

The mother said she even visited witches, but they couldn’t help her daughters. She told me she believed in witches, because back in 1995, she met one. This witch laid a spell on a piece of cloth and gave it to this lady. She told her that the piece of cloth would rot by the time she got home. Things happened just as the witch said and this lady believed in them ever since. I explained to her that the devil is very shrewd. I told her that we are sinners and all of us are under God’s wrath. I spoke to her about icons, saints, angels, about funerals and alms giving, explaining to her that God is not asking us to believe in all these things. In the end, she received the Lord and I invited her to church. After a week, she came to church with her daughter who is seriously ill. I prayed for them, shared the Gospel and invited them to come to church again. She has come to church on a regular basis this month and I have prayed for her daughters. I warned her that she should be serious about these things. I talked to her about baptism and she told me that her relatives and her daughters won’t allow her to get baptized. Still, she prayed that God’s will be done in her life.

On August 15th we will have a baptism and two people will be baptized. One of these sisters is facing adversity from her family and she might not be able to get baptized. The other sister will get married legally. She was living with a man and they had had five children together, but were not married legally. She is very happy that the Lord gave her health and helped her find her youngest daughter, who had been lost for two years. May the Lord bless these sisters and encourage them to be baptized!

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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