Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Praise the Lord for not just anticipating us and reminding us that we will have tribulation from this world (John 16:33), but also because He tells us that the answer for the tribulation that we receive from the world is to trust in Him. Sometimes we will have difficulty finding theological, emotional, or reasonable explanations and answers about our suffering. But the clear answer that our Lord gives us when we read the book of Job is to trust in the justice and sovereignty of our Lord. Please pray for us we begin to study The Book of Job on Sundays.

One of the privileges that God gives to churches is the opportunity to work for the developing of faith in the children who attend. Sometimes it can be wrongly assumed that because they belong to Christian families and are around us on Sundays, they will naturally became believers. 

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

Romans 10:14

God will ask us to give account one day, not just about the non- believers that we should have shared the gospel with, but firstly He will ask us about how hard we worked towards the developing of saving faith in the life of the children that He kindly blessed us with every Sunday.  We just had our first event for teaching children about what it meant to worship in spirit and truth that our Lord deserves. Please join us in prayer while we continue teaching the Bible to our children; praying for them and the miracle of saving faith. Please pray for us so our Lord always find us working hard for the evangelization of the city but also committed to hard work raising a generation of true worshipers in this city after we depart. 

Please help us praying for a Japanese descendant who is Peruvian that is attending our church. She informed us that her understanding of a church was an emotional experience and prosperity promises but never heard the Gospel. Please pray for her salvation and her family while she is studying weekly the Gospel with my wife and also attending our services on Sundays. 

A new American family with their kids is attending our church through the power of God’s truth in one of our women bible studies. After attending a couple of times, the lady that was our guest said that she was so glad to hear the truth and God speaking to her so she encouraged her entire family to come on Sundays. Some weeks ago, after a Service, I asked the husband to join me as we start our prayer time and it was a blessing to hear that it was the first time he had prayed in a church. Please pray for this family as we get to know them and for God’s direction in how to minister to them. 

Praise the Lord we have 3 Peruvian and one Bolivian attending our baptism and membership classes. It was very encouraging that one week after our class on the Statement of Faith, which one of the ladies was reading through verse by verse all verses on the Baptist declaration of faith we printed in Spanish and she found a typo in one of the hundreds of verses we translated and printed. She must be reading through all the hundreds of verses to find it. Praise the Lord for the hunger and passion that he gives to His people, to desire His word as milk, not just believing what people say about Him, but what God says directly from His precious word.  We serve a mighty and merciful God!

Thank you always for being part of this mission in Tokyo through your prayers and support.

In Christ, Luis Ramirez